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Within 90-day booking period, but bookings still not available?

I posted this question a few days ago, but cannot now find it (or any replies) on the forum. Trying to book 2 people Montpellier to Barcelona on 19 October. Am within the 90-day period but message says bookings not available for requested date. No opening date for bookings is given. We leave on our trip in 2 weeks and won't be able to take delivery of tickets if I can't book them soon. Any suggestions? Tony S.

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Rail Europe Posted 2 years ago

Hello Tony,

Thanks for the question.

The schedule and fares for your sector is not yet loaded on the website by the railways. Request you to try booking by mid August. If you face any issue you can drop your query on Travel Forum and we will assist you accordingly.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Thank you Leora. Trying again in mid August will be too late. We leave New Zealand for Europe in 2 weeks, so won't be here to take delivery of tickets. Our travels begin in the UK. Does Rail Europe have physical offices there that can hold tickets for us to call in and collect?

It would be good if you could email me again with a link to your answer, because I can't seem to locate my postings when I try to find them on the forum.



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Hello Tony,

Thanks for your reply.

We do not have physical office in UK where you can purchase or collect tickets from. As your travel is in October, you can purchase tickets on the website as soon as the booking opens and provide your hotel address so that your tickets will be shipped there and you will receive it within 8 business days.

You can also purchase tickets locally from the train stations subject to availability. You can refer to my reply provided above for reference.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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