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Why my refund has not been processed yet?


I have written to you several times already and have not received a response. I made a booking on February 3, 20:29 CET, under 42355328 on your website for a Geneva-Milano ticket for February 24. After having received the confirmation I realised that I booked it one day too early. So, I booked the exactly same ticket right away, for one day later under 42355562. Then I contacted you to ask for a refund that you refused.

Then I talked to Trenitalia and they confirmed to me on the phone, that since it was a double booking by mistake, they are ready to refund the wrong ticket. However they cannot refund it to me because the booking was made through a travel agent. Therefore my travel agent, you, must contact them and ask for the refund that they will process to you. I even gave Trenitalia's phone number to you.

I have been waiting for a week now for answer.

Thank you,


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Rail Europe Posted 10 months ago

Hello Gabor,

Thanks for the question.

We can see that our team is looking after your refund case and it has been already forwarded to the railways. Once we receive a reply from the railways our team will update you.

Hope this helps!!!

Kind Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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