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why am I being asked for a fare on sections that require no bookings

I purchased a eurail pass from you and are now looking at booking those trains which require you to book a seat. I was alarmed how much a fare from Brussells to Paris Nord was going to cost and am horified at the cost over $300.00 for us both. I also checked the price of a ticket from YPRES to BRUSSELLS ( which does not require a bookinf and find I have to pay for the ticket. What is going on ????? or what am I doing wrong. Please advise kind regards Phil

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Rail Europe Posted 9 months ago

Hello Phil,

Thanks for the question.

May we know which countries you have selected in the pass so we can check and assist you further.

Also let us know the booking number of the pass so we can check the same.

If you have a pass which includes Belgium as a country, then you can travel free from Ypres to Brussels which is via Gent as these are intercity train and do not need reservation.

Brussels to Paris - Thalys train require seat reservation.

You may not be getting the pass fare may not be available due to which you are receiving the full fare ticket.

Kindly let me know the above information so I can check and assist you accordingly.

Kind Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Thankyou for your help. I have a Global pass so it includes all countries we are going to visit. the pass has three numbers on it CIV No 122030874 *A. REA 1034884 and coupon no 104142432. I would appreciate your help thanks Phil

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