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Which Rail Pass for France 4 days and Switzerland 4 days? (Sep 2017)


I have the following itinerary for 2 adults

Starting from NICE, France to Marseille (1 night stay in Marseille)

Marseille - Lyon (2 nights stay in Lyon)

Lyon - Interlaken, Switzerland (3 nights in Interlaken)

Interlaken - Zurich Airport (1 day travel)

I am planning to travel out from Interlaken to the nearby mountains which will likely take trains, buses and boat ride.

As such I am not sure which passes to purchase to maximize my money on transportation.

I have come out with 2 possibility.

1. Purchase Swiss pass and buy individual train tickets for France and travel to Interlaken

2. Purchase France-Swiss Pass and pay for the discounted price for train, bus and boat rides in Switzerland

What do you suggest? Any other alternatives are welcome too.

By the way is it possible to combine the 1/2 travel card in Switzerland with the France-Swiss Pass for total transportation coverage?

Hope to hear from you soon.



Lawrence Boey

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