We are planning a 30-day train trip through Europe, and were wondering what good routes would be.

We are not so interested in Eastern Europe, but everything from Northern to Southern cities, as well as UK and Ireland/Scotland. Also, we would rather stay in smaller towns/cities. We also want to spend a day or so in some of the cities to see the interesting sites and neighboring areas. And, last but not least, we would like to use some of the night trains.

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Rail Europe Posted 6 years ago

Hello Yvonne,

Thanks for your question.

I would suggest you to purchase a Eurail Global Pass which would cover your travel within western Europe.

Also I would suggest you to purchase a BritRail Pass Plus Ireland Pass. The BritRail Pass Plus Ireland Pass is valid for travel on the railway network of Great Britain

(England, Scotland and Wales) plus Northern Ireland and the Republic of


Please note that reservations are mandatory on most international trains, on all night trains, scenic trains, and high-speed trains.

For more details on destination and journey kindly click here

In order to book tickets, please visit our website www.raileurope-world.com

Hope this helps.


Aamir, Rail Europe Travel Expert

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Thanks for this info; still looking for some suggestions for a good 30-day trip. We definetely want to do England, Ireland, and Scotland, so maybe that's the last week. However, that leaves 21 days with so much to see. Has anyone done a 21-day Europe train trip and would like to share their stops?

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