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Travelling in Italy and Switzerland

Hi, for 2 adults planning to travel to Italy and Switzerland in December roughly as below:

Milan to Florence

Milan to Venice

Milan to Switzerland Zermatt

Zermatt to Gornergrat

Zermatt to Interlaken

Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen/ Kleine Scheidegg/ Jungfraujoch/ Grindelwald

Interlaken to Bern or Zurich

1. Would the Eurail Select 2 Countries or any other pass that would cover all these places? How would I know if a planned route/train is covered before purchasing the pass?

2. Do we have to make reservation in advance for all these trains?

3. There seem to be an option between class 1 & 2, and class 2 only. Do this mean if we choose class 2 only and there are no class 2 seats available, we will have to buy class 1 tickets and pay full fare separately? Otherwise if reservation is not required, and we realise there are no seats after hoping on the train, what are our other options?

4. If we are travelling from London to Italy, and back to London from Switzerland, would you recommend to take Eurail pass for that part of the journey as well? Currently we are planning to take flights instead.

Thank you very much!

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