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Traveling in Switzerland

I'm interested

to get a Swiss travel pass for my upcoming trip to Switzerland in November.

Here's my travel


- Arriving in

Zurich on 16 Nov

- Will be

traveling to Lucerne from Zurich airport on 16 Nov

- Staying in

Lucerne from 16-19 Nov

- Traveling to

Grindelwald from Lucerne on 19 Nov

- Staying in

Grindelwald from 19-22 Nov

- Traveling to

Interlaken from Grindelwald on 22 Nov

- Staying in

Interlaken from 22-25 Nov

- Flying off to

Rome on 25 Nov

i will be

getting 8 days swiss travel pass. Will be planning to go Jungfrau. With the

swiss travel pass, i will get a 25% off for tickets to Jungfrau?

My concern will

be, i will be reaching Zurich at 750am local time. From there will be taking

train to Lucerne, as the swiss travel pass includes this travel route, i won't

need to purchase additional ticket. But will there be train seat available for

me and my husband on the day itself on 16 Nov?

From Interlaken

to Zurich on 25 Nov, my 8 days swiss travel will be invalid as it starts on 16

Nov. May I know what train can we take?

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