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Travel party from different countries

I am trying to book from New Zealand for myself (NZ) and 2 friends from South Africa to travel from Madrid to Leon. Can I book for all of us - the passenger entry page on the NZ site only gives the option of passengers being from NZ? Then on the ticket selection page booking from the NZ site, the only option is paper tickets to be delivered by courier. However, if I use the South African site (by changing the country of origin at the top of the webpage to Africa/SA), I also have the option of printing at home. This is for tickets on the exact same train from Madrid-Leon - why the difference? If we have to book from our respective countries of origin (me from NZ, them from SA) how can we arrange to sit together as we will be booking at different times? Multiple questions ... thanks :)

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Rail Europe Posted 4 years ago

Hello Cecily,

Thanks for your question.

For your travel sector from Madrid to Leon, print @ home is available for all countries. I would request you to try using another browser whilst booking.

Seats are auto allocated by the managing rail company. While on board the train, you'll could request fellow passengers to exchange seat as per your preference.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Anthony Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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