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Travel from Interlaken to Rome via Domodossola to Milan and then to Rome

I am planning to travel from Interlaken in the morning around 7:30 am which will reach Domodossola at 9:15 am.

Then there is a Train from Domodossola to Milan at 10:15 am (suitable time for me) which will reach Milan at 11:40 am.

From Milan to Rome, the train timing is 12 Noon & 12:35 PM (time suitable for me) to Rome.

My Queries are -

  • Will I have to change Station / Platform at Domodossola while changing the Train arrived from Interlaken and departing to Milan from Domodossola.
  • Please clarify whether the Immigration will happen at Domodossola (as its the 1st Station in Italy after leaving Switzerland or whether the Immigration will happen at Milano Centrale?
  • Is Waiting Time of 1 Hour enough at Domodossola to change the Station/Platform as well as Immigration (if at all, it happens for a Family of 4 Adults n 2 Kids)?
  • Is Waiting Time of 1 Hour enough at Milano Centrale Station to change the Station/Platform to catch the Train for Rome?
  • Is it advisable to buy Tickets in Advance Online or Buy at Station for Travel from Milan to Rome?

Please advise on all queries.

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Rail Europe Posted 2 years ago

Dear Ravi,

Thank you for your question.

Minimum time required for train connection is 15 to 20 minutes.

It is advised you carry minimum luggage for a hassle free journey.

Platform needs to be checked locally as it is subject to change.

Its advised you purchase tickets in advance as purchasing at the

train station is totally subject to availability. These trains can be booked 3 months in advance.

Hope this helps.


Aamir,Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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