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Travel from Hamburg to Krakow in June 2018, Eurail pass questions and recommendations for train options

My family will be flying from the United States and seeing family Hamburg, Krakow, and Warsaw June 23 to July 7. We will have 3 adults (2 parents, 1 grandmother) and 3 children (ages 7, 9, 10). We are trying to figure out options for train travel From Hamburg to Krakow on June 27, but there seem to be many options and I have a few questions.

When I looked up ticket/pass prices, it seems like we should get the Eurail pass fro 4 days, which would cost us $900 for a First Class family package (plus some reservation costs). When I look up individual tickets, first class from Hamburg to Krakow alone (overnight, 1 transfer in Prague) will cost $2400 for first class. Unfortunately, I am unable to see the actual prices because the travel dates are too far in the future.

1. Is using a Eurail pass really this good, since the 4 day pass is under $1000 and a single portion of our journey might cost over $2000?

2. If we purchase a Eurail pass, how can we find additional fees to be able to compare tickets prices directly (ie sleeper cabins, reservations, etc)?

3. Do you have a recommendation for a specific route from Hamburg to Krakow, as we will be travelling with 3 children and luggage, and are trying to minimize changing trains and would like to use high-speed trains as mush as possible.

Thank you in advance.

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