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Ticket Delivering

I booked my tickets just now, but did not realize that we need the original documents delivered, is it possible to change the delivering address?

Secondly what if tickets does not get delivered before I leave for Europe?

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Rail Europe Posted 1 year ago

Hello Walter,

If the printing option for your ticket is Paper Ticket, the ticket will be shipped to your address and delivery is within 8 business days.

The printing option cannot be changed. You can track your shipment and contact the courier company regarding your shipment.

If you do not receive your tickets prior your delivery to Europe, you can ask someone at home to ship the tickets to your hotel address in Europe if there is enough time for delivery.

If no one is there to receive the tickets and to ship it to you, nothing can be done. You will need to purchase new tickets for your travel locally at the train station subject to availability

Hope this helps!!!

Kind Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Hello Leora

Thank you very much for the feedback.

It would help a lot if I can track the shipment and if I can contact the courier company just to make sure that someone is at home when the documents is delivered, is there a way how I can get the contact information or how can I track the shipment?

Kind regards


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Hello Walter,

Thanks for your reply.

Kindly provide us with your 8 digit booking number so that we can provide you with the tracking details.

Booking number will be mentioned in the Booking Confirmation email.

Awaiting your reply.

Kind Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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