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Reservation problems. French Rail Pass/Eurail

I bought the French Rail Passes and had troubles making the reservation from Paris to Cannes round trip. I finally did this morning but now I see it saying something about a eurail pass instead of the French Rail Pass. Would that cause a problem with using the tickets I already reserved?

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Rail Europe Posted 4 years ago

Dear Aisha,

Thanks for the question.

Due to some technical issues, France Rail Pass is not showing on the dropdown section on the website.

Request you to try booking in a few days while our team looks into this matter.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Hi Leora,

Thanks for thd answer but I already have the tickets I reserved for the TGV. They arrived yesterday along with my passes. I'm wondering if the tickets will still be ok since I have a pass covering France even though it's not eurail or will I have to exchange them so they will say France rail pass instead?

I guess my main question is can I use these tickets I have received for tgv with my French rail pass instead of a eurail pass and still be ok?

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Hello Aisha,

Thanks for the reply !!

Kindly refer to the answer given for your other question.

Always happy to help !!


Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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