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Renfe Spain Pass - Trip Count Question


I am going to make the following trips in Spain:

1. Madrid to Ronda

2. Ronda to Granada

3. Granada to Madrid

I am thinking of purchasing a four-journey Renfe Spain Pass. Just wondering, would each of the above trips be counted as one journey as far as the Renfe Spain Pass is concerned ?

I notice that the rail at Granada is being upgraded at the moment, so part of trip 2 and 3 will be served by a bus trip from/to Antequera-Santa Ana respectively. Given the bus change, would it make each trip (2 or 3) be counted as two journeys from Renfe Spain Pass's perspective ?

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Hello Stephen,

Thanks for the question

As you are travelling extensively within Spain, I suggest that you purchase a Renfe Spain Pass.

All reservations are free with a Renfe Spain Pass, but you need to make seat reservations at the train station prior to boarding the train.

A rail pass day starts and ends at midnight. You can take as many trains as you wish during this time.

Request you to check the train schedule and book tickets directly on our website

Hope this helps.


Cijie, Rail Europe Travel Expert

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