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Ref 43610766, Family Card not added by GCC Office in Dubai


With Ref 43610766, today I booked Swiss Pass (4 days) on telephone with GCC Office in Dubai. They not selected for my 2 children for Swiss Family Card as they said it can not be delivered before 17th June (my Europe travel date). They told to collect from Swiss Train Stations. But, now I read from reviews that I can not get Swiss Family card from Europe Station if I not selected online.

Please advise as it was not my fault. Can you kindly amend the booking to add my below 2 children so they can travel with me without any problem.

1. Mr. Yash Kishore Maheshwari (16.01.2007)

2. Ms. Muskan Maheshwari

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Rail Europe Posted 1 year ago

Hello Yugal,

Thanks for the question.

Kindly send an email on the below email id with the below details of the child passengers and also your booking number.

- Name of the child passengers

- Date of birth

- Passport number

- Name of the parent

Email id -

We will issue Swiss Family Card for the child passengers which you will receive in your email id and you will have to print the same on an A4 paper and carry for your travel

Hope this helps!!!

Kind Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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