Prague to paris

Travelling from prague to paris overnight ..do we need to change trains? Is food/drink available if we travel overnight?

Would it be more straightforward to stop overnight in a hotel?

We are a family of 6 - 2 adults, 4 children ( 11,15,15,17) travelling 11/04/15( i understand that bookings will open tomorrow?)

Thankyou :)

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Rail Europe Posted 5 years ago

Hello Elizabeth,

Thanks for your questions.

There are no direct trains between Prague to Paris. You would need to change trains for your travel between Prague to Paris.

However if you wish to break your journey & stay overnight at a hotel you can travel as advised below:

- Prague to Regensburg – Eurocites Train

- Regensburg to Frankfurt ICE Train

- Frankfurt to Paris – ICE Train

In order to book tickets, please visit our website.

Request you to book closer to your travel date.

You would need to feed in the Departure city and the Arrival city along with the travel date and preferred time & the number of passengers (Senior, adults, youth and children), and then click on “search tickets”. Once you do so, you would find the schedules along with the fares. You need to select the fare which is preferable to you and then Add it to Cart. Once added, you need to mention the names of the passengers to make the payment on the next page.

Hope this helps!!!

Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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I have looked at the fares for 11/04/15 - can you please advise the difference between the $600 and $1200 fares. Is the $600 a couchette or a seat? The $1200 has two stops, but says the reservation for the first stop is not included - how do we get from offenburg to strasbourg? Thankyou.

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Hello Elizabeth,

Thanks for your reply.

For your given date there is a train which travels as follows:

- Prague to Paris via Offenburg and Strasbourg City Night Line, TER and TGV trains.

This would serve as a your earlier routing and your current route from Offenburg to Strasbourg.

Or if you would just want the new routing, travel as follows:

- Offenburg to Strasbourg – TER train.

As this train was not loaded before, I failed to suggest it then. Also since it is a different train, the rates would differ.

Hope this helps you!!!


Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.


Thanks Anthony...is this in a couchette? There is a more direct route with only one stop which is much cheaper....but is this a couchette or seats?


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Hello Elizabeth,

Thanks for your reply.

You can check the seats as follows below:

Please click on the “Fare Details” tab to view details regarding the type of fare, type of seat, whether a reservation is included or not and the After Sales Policy.

‘Couchettes’ on the overnight trains are equivalent to the 2nd class compartment where-as ‘Sleepers’ are equivalent to 1st class compartments. The services also differ on Couchettes and on sleepers. The exact services can be checked by clicking on “fare details” tab.

Also may we bring to your notice that Couchettes need not necessarily be seats. Couchettes even include some compartments with berths (beds). Couchettes include compartments like T6 (with 6 berths), T4 (with 4 berths) T3 (with 3 berths). These details can again be checked by clicking “fare details” tab under each fare.

Hope this Helps!!!


Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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