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No enought time to get the ticket, can I print it by myself? I can still pay for the deliver fee.

I will leave the city I live in on 24th of June, less than 8 business day.

I want to buy the ticket from oslo-stockholm-copenhagen.

And I'm living in poznan,poland.Is that possible for me to get the ticket before 24th of June?

Otherwise can I get the pdf and print it by myself?

I can still pay for the deliver fee.

Emergency,pleace reply me soon and thank you in advance!:))

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Rail Europe Posted 4 years ago

Hello Kaixin,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately both your travel sectors only have the option of “Paper Ticket” which would have to be shipped to you.

You could either feed in the address in Poznan where you would want us to ship the tickets or book the tickets locally at Oslo. If you would us to ship it to Poland, follow the below instructions:

You would have to select any country from the drop down list. However, in the space provided for the city you can write the name of the city as well as country. For example: Paris FRANCE. Make sure you type in France in capitals. We will do the needful from our end and send the tickets to France. Keep in mind to feed in the correct address so that no hiccups occur.

Hope this helps!!!


Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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