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My recent experience with Rail Europe we travelled from Cordoba to Barcelona

Very very sad experience. Everything shown on line was totally misleading. The first class booking was like 3rd class. Seats were messy and broken. Very dirty. Toilets were not clean and smelt bad.

It was a total disaster and very bad and poor experience. You advertise very nicely, good and very welcoming pictures etc. we did not find nothing of that sort.

I would strongly request my friends and family to never travel by rail europe.

Our travel date was July 16, 2018 from Cordoba to Barcelona

It actually started from the beginning at the station. There was nobody competent to guide us at all. All we had was just a printout of our tickets thats all. I went to the help desk and they knew nothing. My tickets were printed by another passenger whom I saw printing her tickets and I asked her to help me with mine. But officially nobody at the train station was helpful. Than we saw your first class seating train it was just pathetic.

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Rail Europe Posted 1 year ago

Hello Ghulam,

Thanks for the question.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused for the travel. We have forwarded your feedback to the concerend team who will provide the feedback to the railways regarding the trains.

The trains are managed by railways and and we have sent the feedback to them. As per your booking number the tickets you have purchased are print at home tickets which needs to be printed and carried for the travel. It could be printed from any printer at home or internet cafe.

The ticket link is provided in the confirmation email under "Ticket Order Summary".

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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photo Travel Expert

Hello Ghulam,

These trains are managed by the railways and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. However as a goodwill our team has refunded the booking fees 9 Euros.

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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