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Jungfrau & Mt. Titlis

I plan to travel to switzerland in 1st week of August. I will be purchasing the Swiss Travel Pass. I will be staying 1 N in Zurich 3 N in Interlaken & 3 N in Lucerne To travel from Zurich to Interlaken, Interlaken to Lucerne, Lucerne to Zurich Airport do I need to reserve seats in advance. Also to visit Jungfrau from Interlaken & Mt. Titlis from Lucerne do I need to reserve seats in advance.

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Hello Umesh,

Thanks for the question.

As you have purchase the Swiss Travel Pass you can follow as below:

- Zurich to Interlaken via Bern - you can travel free with the pass no seat reservation required.

- Interlaken to Lucerne - Scenic train seat reservation is required.

- Lucerne to Zurich Airport direct or via Zurich HBF - you can travel free with the pass no seat reservation required.

In order to book seat reservations, please visit our website.

The pass seats can be reserved by clicking on “Seat Reservations” & feed in the Departure city and the Arrival city along with the travel date and preferred time & the number of passengers (Senior, adults, youth and children), and then click on “search tickets”. Once you do so, you would find the schedules along with the fares.

Please click on the “Fare Details” tab to view details regarding the type of fare, type of seat, whether a reservation is included or not and the After Sales Policy.

For Mountain train you can follow below route:

Interlaken – Grindelwald/ Lauterbrunnen – Jungfraujoch.

Interlaken – Grindelwald/ Lauterbrunnen : Free with the Swiss Pass

Grindelwald/ Lauterbrunnen– Jungfraujoch : Mountain Train/Cable Car ride, has to be booked locally. You will get a discount with the Swiss Travel Pass.

Lucerne – Engelberg – Titlis

Lucerne – Engelberg : Free with the Swiss Pass.

Engelberg to Mt Titlis – cable car ride. You will have to book this sector locally. With a Swiss Pass you will get discounts on mountain excursions.

Kindly note mountain trains and cable cars are to be booked locally by showing the pass at the ticket window which will be subject to availability.

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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I will be traveling from Paris to Switzerland (most likely to Interlaken), with 2 nights in Interlaken and 2 nights in Lucerne. We are a family of 2 Adults and 1 kid (age < 4 years).

From Paris, would reach Interlaken via Basel. (Day 1)

From Interlaken, we wish to visit Jungfrau. (Day 2)

From Interlaken, wish to board the Goldenpass line to Interlaken. (Day 3)

From Lucerne, we wish to visit Mt. Titlis. (Day 4)

Final leg would be from Lucerne to Zurich. (Day 5)

Since the train journeys are limited, would it still be prudent to purchase the 4-day Swiss Pass? And keep the last leg of Lucerne to Zurich on a one-time point-to-point ticket?

I would like to check whether the Swiss Pass also allows free travel on trams in the cities too (Lucerne)?

Understand that we still need to pay 50% for the Goldenpass and full fare for Jungfrau? In that case, does buying a Swiss Pass make economical sense?

In case we don't purchase any Swiss Pass, will be kid still be allowed to travel free? How do I apply for the STS family pass in this case for individual ticket purchase?

Our travel dates within Switzerland would be either of 13th-17th July or 20th-24th July 2017.

Appreciate your kind advise.


Rahul Kabra

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Hello Rahul,

Thanks for the question.

May I know your child's exact age so i can assist you better.

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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