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Is one hour sufficient time arriving Paris Est to go to Paris Montparnesse to take the connecting TGV to Lourdes. This is my first time

I will be travelling from Reims to Lourdes. As there is no direct train, I need to go via Paris. The train from Reims to Paris stops at Paris Est. at 7.31am. Then I have to go to Paris Montparnesse to take the TGV to Lourdes at 8.28. ie TGV leaving Montparnesse at 8.28am

Is there sufficient time considering it is the morning peak period.

This is my first time. Will I have difficulty commuting, moving, looking for Paris Montparnesse from Paris Est.

Similarly is one hour sufficient time if I have to connect/change train & need to commute from Paris Est (arrival 8.31am ) & Paris Gare Lyon( departing at 9.37). If I have luggage & need to take a taxi, how much does it cost. What about the travel time between these 2 stations. Will it be faster by train or taxi? what extra time do i need if travelling in morning peak time?

Thank you

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Hello Maria,

Thanks for your question.

You could take the Metro Line 4 from Paris de l’est train station to Paris Montparnasse station which would take you approximately half an hour. The distance between the two stations are roughly 7 Kms apart. This should be enough to make your connecting train.

Unfortunately I cannot comment of taxi or train fares.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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