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If physical tickets/reservations required for Eurail Pass?

Hi , please advise if physical print out tickets/reservations required for below route if already made online reservation? Or can use Eurail pass and just shows E-copy/reservation with Mobile phone? Thank you.

1) Glacier express

2) Bernina express

3) Turin to Venice

4) Turin to Paris

5) Paris to Zurich

If physical tickets/reservations must have, can we make all above reservations at Switzerland train station and obtain tickets there? (Including Italy internal travel: Venice to Turin, travel from Turin to Paris and Paris to Zurich.) Thank you .

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Hello Chiaw neo Loo,

Thanks for the question.

Paris to Zurich sector has 2 printing options i.e. Print @ station and Paper Ticket while purchasing seat reservations. However, you can recheck the same on the ticketing page on the website. All other sectors have Paper Ticket option. Paper Tickets will be shipped to your address and delivery is within 8 business days.

Please note, if the printing option is Paper Ticket, you will not be able to travel with the Booking Confirmation email on your phone. You will need the physical tickets will be shipped to you for your travel.

If you will be leaving soon and will not have enough days for delivery of tickets, you can purchase seat reservation locally at the train station subject to availability.

Hope this helps!!!

Kind Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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