I want to travel from Paris to Lourdes , Bordeaux , Fatima , Lucerne , Florence , Assisi , Padua , Rome , London , advice on a rail plan

I want a good option by rail to travel to these locations, grouping the cities in a manner it saves time and travel days.

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Rail Europe Posted 5 years ago

Hello Santosh,

Thanks for your question.

You can travel as follows :-

- London to Paris - Eurostar train.

- Paris to Lucerne via Basel - TGV Duplex Lyria and Eurocites trains.

- Lucerne to Rome via Milan - Cisalpino and Frecciarossa trains.

- Rome to Assisi - Intercity train.

- Assisi to Florence - Eurocites train.

- Florence to Padua - Frecciargento OR Italo trains.

- Padua to Milan - Frecciabianca train.

- Milan to Nice via Ventimiglia - Other train and TER train.

- Nice to Lourdes via Toulouse - Corail Teoz and TER trains.

- Lourdes to Bordeaux - TGV train.

- Bordeaux to San Sebastian via Irun - TGV and Renfe trains.

- San Sebastian to Coimbra - Renfe train.

- Coimbra to Fatima - Other train.

As you are travelling extensively around Europe, I would suggest that you purchase a Eurail Global Pass.

In order to book tickets, please visit our website.

Hope this helps!!!

Priyanka, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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