I want to travel from paris to cover Mt. Titlis, Bernina express, Venice and Rome from 17-27 October 2015

I want to travel from paris to engelberg to visit Mt. Titlis on 20 Oct 2015, engelberg to chur on 22 Oct to catch Bernina express on 23 Oct to reachVenice on same day. I intend to travel from Venice to Rome on 25 Oct. Kindly let me know train details/schedules, reservation needed if I take select pass of euro rail. Please also let me know whether it is advisable to take pass or book individual tickets.

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Rail Europe Posted 4 years ago

Hello Harish,

Thanks for your question.

Your travel will be as follows –

- Paris to Engelberg via Basel and Lucerne - TGV Lyira Train, Intercity Train and Eurocities Train

- Engelberg to Chur via Lucerne – TGV Lyira Train and Intercity Train

- Chur to TiranoBernina Express Train

- Tirano to Lugano – Bookable on the website.

- Lugano to Venice via Milan – Eurocity Train

- Venice to RomeFrecciargento Train or Italo Train or Intercity Train

For your travel in Switzerland, I suggest you purchase a Swiss Travel Pass.

With a Swiss Travel Pass you can travel free within Switzerland on the STS (Swiss Travel System) network on trains, buses and boats. Also with a Swiss Travel Pass you would get discounts on mountain excursions within Switzerland. This discounts can only be availed locally by showing your Swiss Pass to the ticketing office in Switzerland.

Reservations are mandatory on high-speed trains, night trains, scenic trains and border crossing trains.

With a Swiss Pass you can travel free within Switzerland on the regional and Intercity trains.

The pass seats can be reserved by clicking on "Seat Reservations“ & feed in the Departure city and the Arrival city along with the travel date and preferred time & the number of passengers (Senior, adults, youth and children), and then click on “search tickets”. Once you do so, you would find the schedules along with the fares.

For your travel in Italy, i sugget you purchase a point-to-point ticket.

Hope this helps!!!

Isha, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Thanks for information which is useful. As suggested I have explored various options and found that eurorail select pass appears to be cheaper as indicated below.

For 2 persons (one adult and one senior) Ist/2nd class

Euro rail select pass about Rs. 56000 for 2 adults plus reservation charges

20 Oct Paris to Laussane TGV Lyria Rs. 10760

23 Oct Tirano to Lugano Direct Rs. 7184

23 Oct Lugano to Milan Direct Rs. 5300

23 Oct Milan to Venice Direct Rs. 4793

25 Oct Venice to Rome Direct Rs. 9434

Swiss Pass 3 days in one month Rs. 48138

Italy pass 3 days in one month is also costlier Rs. 27999

My travel within in Switzerland will be limited from laussane/Basel to Engelberg, Engelbergvto Chur on 22 Oct and Bernina express on 23 Oct which I feel would be covered in eurorail select pass with reservation as required. On 21 Oct I intend to go to Mt. Titlis for which I can take ticket/pass.

Kindly advise in view of above I should go for eurorail select pass or Swiss pass and tickets for rrspective journeys.



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Hello Harish,

Thanks for your question.

As there is no regional pass that covers Italy & Switzerland, you would have to purchase 2 separate passes for Italy & Switzerland respectively.

Eurail Pass VS Swiss Pass -:

Switzerland features 2 main networks – the ‘ basic’ network and the ‘ Swiss Travel System’ network. The basic network includes all major railway connections and boat companies to major cities and tourism areas, plus different bonuses in Switzerland.

The Swiss Travel System network includes the basic railroads, urban transportation systems, postal buses and all major mountain railways/cable cars.

The Eurail Pass covers only the basic network.

The Eurail Pass covers the ‘basic’ network.

The Swiss Pass covers the 'Swiss Travel System’ network.

Hope this helps!!!

Isha, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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