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How to change seats

i have booked tickets and i was assigned seats automatically. i would like to change seats (to be seated next to friends). How should i do that?

Thank you

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Rail Europe Posted 5 years ago

Hello Shelley,

Thanks for your question.

Please note that the seats are auto allocated by the railway system, hence cannot be changed online.

However you can ask your fellow passenger for a change in seat in the train.

In order to book tickets, please visit our website http://

Hope this helps!!!


Aamir, Rail Europe travel Expert.

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This is not a workable solution by travel expert and not a guranteed solution. At time of booking a warning should be given to user. Not acceptable.

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Hello Thminda,

Thanks for your reply.

As we provide ticket booking for trains all over Europe, there is no option to select the seats on trains on our website. Hence when booking online the seats are auto allocated and cannot be selected.

Kind Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.


is there a better way to handle this? we are traveling with 3 children and have seats apart from each other...

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Hello Aneesh,

Thanks for the qustion.

As the system auto allocates the seats it cannot be selected or changed once you book it. Hence the only option is to as the ticket manager onboard the train if they can provide the seats together and they will assist you depending on availability.

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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