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Euro Italy Pass Seat Reservation Charges

Hi There,

As a family of 2 we are planning to be in Italy for 10 Days and were considering the 5 or 8 day pass. I just wanted to know that is it compulsary to reserve seats on travel legs such inside Italy or can we just hop on the train with the pass? I checked the cost per journey without the pass was Rs. 3,000/- for 2 people and if I have to reserve the seat with a pass already purchased its Rs. 1,700/-. In such a case is the pass even a good idea?

Our travel plan is as below with queries:

  1. Enter into Naples and stay for 3 Days to see Capri - Wanted to know can we use the pass to go to Capri and Anacapri
  2. Travel to Rome from Naples - benefits that I can use in Rome? (1 Day)
  3. Travel to Florence from Rome - benefits that I can use in Florence? (1 Day)
  4. Visit Sam Marino and Pisa from Florence and return - Any ferries network here? (1 Day)
  5. Florence to Modena - benefits that I can use in Modena? (1 Day)
  6. Modena to Venice - benefits that I can use in Venice? (1 Day)
  7. Venice to Milan - benefits that I can use in Milan? (2 Days)

For the above would you suggest to take the pass or make individual bookings?

Also the list of benefits don't outline a lot to do in Italy or something that I have missed or should do as per the breakdown. Have 10 Days at hand. Please suggest?

I would also want to know if the pass includes in bit of the Car Museums or anything related to Ferrari and Lamborghini as such.


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