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Eurail Reservation Service vs Rail Europe Reservation


We will be traveling to Europe shortly and have a Eurail Global Pass.

I want to reserve the direct train from Munich to Paris on the 28th of July but see tickets haven’t been released yet. As such I will have to wait until the 28th of June to book my reservation.

I wanted to find out what the difference between these two Reservation services are, especially with regards to delivery of tickets to South Africa.

My biggest concern is the delivery time as we leave South Africa mid-July and won’t be at just one hotel in Europe before we get to Munich.

I don’t want a situation where our tickets are delivered one SA and we can’t get them.

It takes two days each time I contact Eurail before I get a response and time is running away from us.

Please advise, thank you!

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Rail Europe Posted 1 year ago

Hello Claire,

Thanks for the question.

If you are booking on we cannot comment on it as it is a different company website. As per our website if the tickets are paper tickets it takes 8 business days to deliver to the address.

Our website is :

If you are booking on our website and then you can provide the hotel address in Europe keeping in mind the 8 business days delivery time it takes and accordingly add hotel address in the shipping information tab and inform the hote authority regarding the delivery.

If not then the only option is to purchase the reservations locally at the train station subject to availability.

Kind Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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