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Difficulty in reserving seat tickets with European East Pass

Dear sirs,

Recently I had bought two European East Pass for travel preparation to Austria and Slovakia in late Sep 2015. While I start to reserve seats for the trip online, I found that the system cannot locate available trains to me and it always returns "No schedules matched your request". I did the same search from the system without the European East Pass (i.e., I book the tickets without using any Pass and implied I need to pay with full fare), however, the system can locate me available trains.

Does this situation mean all the seats reserved for the Pass are all booked ? If so, how can I use the Pass to get the seats successfully ?

Fyi, the following are the details of my planned reservation :

1. 26 Sep, around 09:00 - from Salzburg to Hallstat

2. 27 Sep, around 11:00 - from Hallstat to Graz

3. 28 Sep, around 17:00 - from Graz to Bratislava

4. 29 Sep, around 19:00 - from Bratislava to Vienna

Thank you.

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Rail Europe Posted 4 years ago

Hello Sui Kit Ng,

Thanks for your question.

As there seems to be a fare filtration issue on the website. We will check with the concerned team to fix this issue. Until then, while booking reservations under the “Select your Pass” tab, rather than actually selecting your Eurail Pass I request that you to keep it as it is and search for schedules.

If you are still facing any sort of problems you could get back to us.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for prompt reply.

I just tried to reserve e.g. route 1 as stated, the system still shows "At this time, our online system can't find tickets or schedules for this trip.". So do you mean I have to wait or any other way I can reserve the ticket with my Pass ?

Thank you.


Hi Anthony,

For more information, basically I can search my listed 4 routes and find the available trains via ÖBB web site ( Does the European East Pass cover the ÖBB railway ?

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Hello Siu Kit Ng,

Thanks for your reply.

I would request you to email our fulfillment team who would help you make offline seat reservations with your pass.

You can mail us on the ‘Contact Us’ page. You would have to select ‘Already booked’ tab and send in your message.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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