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Delayed train led to missing flight: how to complaint?

Me and my wife purchased ticket from Marseille St Charles to Montpellier St Roch, depart on the 30th of July 13:18 to catch a flight back home to England from Montpellier Airport.

Unfortunately the intercites train 4760 that supposed to depart on 13:18 was delayed for about 1:30 hours (the official delayed time shown on the screen was 1 hour, but the actual delayed calculated from the scheduled time, the time it finally arrived and the time it actually left the station was around one and a half hour). We did try to get into the next scheduled train that departed 14:18 but we were refused entry and were told to wait for the delayed train.

As a result we both missed our flight, Ryan air from Montpellier Airport to Leeds Bradford Airport England as they closed the gate at 16:20 (The train arrived at Montpellier St Roch at around 16:25). Despite our best effort running around from Train station to get taxi to the airport, we still did not make it.

Because of this, we were forced to purchase new flight tickets (Easy Jet); which was the ONLY flight available back to England that day and time, all be it the arrival was in London Luton Airport which is around 150 miles away from where i live in Leeds. Consequently we were also forced to purchase a form of transportation back to Leeds (Car Hire).

The total extra cost caused by the delayed train is £253 and i hold the train company responsible for this. The breakdown of the extra cost is as follow:

- New Easy Jet tickets for 2: £109 or 145.46 EUR

- Car Hire: £144

The above cost is the cheapest alternative expensive available on that day and time, taking into account the time of arrival in London Luton. We also considered our self lucky because both Easy Jet and Hertz (Car hire) were able to accommodate us on a very short notice especially Easy Jet, otherwise we would have been stranded in Montpellier or London for God knows how long (bear in mind that the next flight back to England by Ryan Air is on Wednesday the week after). Our travel insurance only covers cancellation and curtailment.

How do i file a complaint about this? i tried to send email to shortly after i was back but never received any replied. I would like to get reimbursement on that extra expenses and seems to hit a brickwall.

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Rail Europe Posted 4 years ago

Hello Max,

Thanks for your question.

I would request you to resend the Email to "Contact Us" and they would assist you accordingly.

Best Regards,

Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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I did try, but for some reason, submit button isn't working. Every time i hit submit, nothing happened as if i have made a mistake, apart from there is no error message. I also sent email (just now) to this address:

Do you think that is an attended address and relevant to the nature of my email?

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Hello Max,

Thanks for your reply.

I have forwarded you issue to the concerned team and they would get back to you as soon as possible.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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