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Declaring bicycle when buying online ticket

Hi there,

When buying an online ticket for a train that I will be taking a bike onto, do I need to declare this somehow? I haven't seen an option to do so. The service is Intercites from Paris Austerlitz to Orleans.

Also, will I be able to take this service if the bike is bagged with front wheel removed? Any extra fees incurred for that?

Thanks for any help,


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Rail Europe Posted 3 years ago

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your question.

As is the case everywhere in France, bikes can be carried on TGVs trains only as hand luggage if they are folded or dismantled and placed in a cycle bag measuring no more than 120 x 90 cm.

And because rules are rules, if you do not pack your bike in a bag, or if you put it in the bike carriage without booking beforehand, you are liable to a fine or you may be asked to leave the train.

Please note that there is no special indication while processing your booking in case you wish to take your bike on the train. In some cases, normally, your bicycle must be boxed and placed in a separate car, or it might have to be transported on a separate train. Extra charges may apply, and you must arrange bike transport locally. However, bikes are allowed as checked luggage on the EC, IC, ICE, and TGV trains. The bike must be wrapped, with the wheels and pedals detached, and the handlebars parallel to the frame.

As your journey is by TER train, you will have to inquire the same locally.


Aamir, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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