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Carcassonne to Paris overnight train 6 persons in one compartment

Dear Sir,

We are travelling from Carcassonne to Paris on Jun 20,2016 (4 female & 2 male).

Originally, we want 4 female stay in one four beds cabin and 2 male stay in another compartment (share with others).

After we reserved seats from the website, we found the following:

a. Even reserved seats for the 2 male (360 +96 = 816), the final charges was same as 4 female (720+96=816). Is it something wrong in the calculations in computer?

b. The seats numbers for 4 female are having middle and upper, that means that cabin is for 6 beds. Is there any 4 beds cabin for 4 persons? We saw from the website is stated 3 to 6 beds cabin.

(with pictures attached)

Now, if there is not any 4 beds cabin, how can we get a one 6 beds cabin for 6 persons, so, we all 6 persons can stay in one compartment.

Please review and advise by return. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Louis Chan

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Rail Europe Posted 3 years ago

Hello Louis Chan,

Thanks for the question.

Kindly note that for the overnight train journey from Carcassonne to Paris on 20th June 2016, 2nd class has Couchette T6 which means there are 6 beds in one compartment and 1st class has Couchette T4 which means there are 4 beds in one compartment.

As per the booking number you provided, you booked all the passengers in Couchette T6. Also, we noticed that you booked for 4 passengers each in both the bookings you made i.e. 8 passengers in total that is the reason you were receiving the same fare for both the booking numbers.

Since your booking is on Final, no changes can be made in your booking.

Request you to drop an email at and our team will assist you accordingly.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Dear Leora,

Thanks for reply.

Three questions:-

1) If I have booked 4 passengers (2 males booking), that means we have reserved 4 seats. However, we have only 2 for passes for the reservation, will train company charge us for the balance 2 seats when we on the train?

2) We have tried to book 1st class compartment, however, we cannot reserve any seats for 1st class from website. Can our pass reserve 1st class (4 bed cabin)?

3) If we want all our 6 persons (2 males and 4 females) stay in one compartment, we want to book again from website and cancel the previous booking. Can we really all of us (6 persons) stay in one compartment?

Please review and advise by return. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Louis Chan

photo Travel Expert

Hello Louis Chan,

Thanks for your reply.

As your booking is already Invoiced and made on the Hong Kong website, we cannot comment on it. Request you to drop an email at and our team will assist you further.

Best Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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