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can i purchase ticket at train station

we are flying into Belfast from the USA on 11/14/15 but not sure, because there could be a delay, what departure to Dublin we should book.

it is recommended not to wait to purchase tickets at the station; but I read if you purchase the train ticket in advance it can't be changed. What do you suggest we do.

Also to help determine our transportation and time available, could you tell me where the Belfast Train station is located,

Appreciate any help you can give,

Shelly (USA)

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Rail Europe Posted 4 years ago

Hello Shelly,

Thank you for the question

Please click on the “Fare Details” tab to view details regarding the type of fare, type of seat, whether a reservation is included or not and the After Sales Policy.

I suggest that you make your seat reservations online prior to departure, to avoid fully booked trains and disruption of your travel plans.

It is advisable that you take trains which give you ample of time to transit so as to have a hassle free journey.

Belfast International Airport is easily accessible by road and rail. There are regular buses and trains if you don't fancy driving.

Hope this helps!!


Cijie, Rail Europe Travel Expert

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