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Bike on Train from Ronda to Cordoba

I need to travel by train from Ronda to Cordoba with my bicycle. It will NOT be in a box. Can I bring a full size, fully assembled bicycle on the train?

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Rail Europe Posted 5 years ago

Hello Robert,

Thanks for your question.

There is a limit of one bicycle per passenger and only on Conventional Medium Distance, Suburban Trains and Metric Gauge trains under the following conditions:

Without a reserved seat:

• There may be a limit of two bicycles per train.

• For services that do not establish a limit on the number of bicycles per train, the only limitation is that bicycles must not disturb other passengers.

• On Conventional Medium Distance and Metric Gauge (Medium Distance) trains, the cost for transporting a bicycle is €3 for journeys exceeding 100 km. For journeys of less than 100 km on these trains, transport is free of charge.

With a reserved seat:

• There is a limit of two bicycles per train. They will only be allowed on trains that have a space or specific area for bicycle transport, and therefore the number of bicycles per train is limited.

• The cost of transporting a bicycle is €3 per journey exceeding 100 km.

Hope this helps!!!


Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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