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Aeroport CDG to Lourdes

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is our 1st time to Paris and we want to take the train from CDG to Lourdes. Our flight will land at 8.00am. If we will to book the train ticket to Lourdes (as shown in the image), we are concern with the 10 minutes transit time. Please advise on the following queries:

1) Is 10 minutes enough to catch the next train at Bordeaux St Jean (TGV 8574) to Lourdes?

2) Can you show us the direction or which platform we should go to catch the connecting train?

3) What happen in the event if we failed to catch the connecting train? Can we take the next available train?

We really appreciate if you can assist us with more information or instruction to make our train journey smooth and safe.

Thank you.

Mimi Tan


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Rail Europe Posted 11 months ago

Hello Mimi Tan,

Thanks for the question.

1) When the connection time is 10 min or less than that the connecting train is usually on the same or adjoining platform. We advice minimum connection time of atleast 15 min which is sufficient with minimum luggage. You can break and book your travel from Paris Airport to Bordeaux and Bordeaux to Lourdes.

2) We do not have information regarding the platform the train will halt at as it needs to be checked once at the train station.

3) If you miss the train same ticket cannot be used for later time as these are TGV high speed trains and booked for specific time. Hence we advice to break and book your travel from Paris Airport to Bordeaux and Bordeaux to Lourdes.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Thank you, Amar for your prompt respond and clear instruction. I've made 2 separate booking to ensure sufficient transit time and also bought the rail protection plan.

Grateful to your kind assistance and looking forward to a enjoyable trip.

Yours humbly,

Mimi, Singapore

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