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4 months waiting for my refund regarding strike in Paris


My name is Eran and I've bought 2 tickets in the 8th of April at 19:11 from Paris to Geneve CFF

booking number 42091993

I must say that im very disappointed from your service.

i've bought 2 tickets in raileurope and i got a really bad surprise to arrive to the rail station and found that the there is a strike, instead I should rent a car and drove in the dark for 6 hours from Paris to Geneva.

my questions - why you didn't try to contact me in any way to let me know about the strike ?

in addition, why until now, no one try to contact me and say something about money refund, any apologize, something ? nothing was done ....the bottom line - where is your service ? why it is so bad ?

please refund my money that i've paid in advance approx 6 months ago to the same credit cards i've gave you.

very very disappointed

I talked with the Israel "team" Sara & Dani and they said that they can't help me.



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