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2018 France Rail Strikes - correct process to change or cancel/refund bookings?


Received an email today regarding possible disruption to some of my bookings in April due to the ongoing French Rail and Airline strike (April-July 2018). The bookings are for travel into and out of Paris.

The email notes to go through standard contact centre rather than through the normal refund channels , if change/cancellation is deemed required. Could you please elaborate on what the correct process would be to do this if the bookings end up affected and I need to exchange the ticket for another, or cancel/refund?

Note that the SNCF only release trains affected by the strike 24h prior to the action, which makes it difficult to manage on-the-fly while travelling (not to mention the knock-on effect to accommodation bookings, connections, etc.)

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Hello Phil,

Thanks for the question.

If you purchase tickets on the website and the train you are booked on is cancelled due to strike, you will need to visit the ticket counter and inquire if an alternate mode of transport will be provided. You will need to stamp the tickets as Unused at the train station ticket counter prior your train departure and send us scan copy of the tickets as well as the alternate mode of transport used. We will assist you with the refund procedure.

We advise to visit the ticket counter prior your train departure and inquire if the train you purchased tickets for will be operational during strike.

Hope this helps!!!

Kind Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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I just want to clarify a few misconceptions from this thread after swinging by the Eurostar ticketing desk to confirm the provided process.

If you're travelling by Eurostar to Paris/Brussels/line that is cancelled by the French train strikes, the Eurostar ticketing office in London St. Pancras International *will not* stamp your ticket as "unused". I've asked several of their desk members if this is possible and they all relay back that this is not done, and they do not have such a stamp, and will not perform this process.

However, they will exchange your Eurostar ticket to another journey without additional cost if:

* You are rebooking at the Eurostar ticketing counter at London St. Pancras (this post does NOT apply to any other ticketing desk in other stations).

* As of the time you are requesting, the potential new journey has not been cancelled by SNCF/Eurostar services yet (SNCF/Eurostar will release impacted trains up to 24h prior to cancellation).

* The new journey is of equal or lesser class to your existing booking.

* The new journey is available (note, due to cancellations, many people have rescheduled, resulting in seat reservations being consumed quickly)

If any of the above conditions are not met, you may either incur additional charges, an exchange may not be possible, or you may need to seek alternative refund/exchange methods with your booking agency according to their policies.

Hope this helps.



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Hello Phil,

Thanks for your reply.

If the Eurostar ticketing desk is not stamping the tickets as Unused you can drop an email to us with the scan copy of your tickets if the train is cancelled due to strike. We will assist you with the refund procedure.

Hope this helps!!!

Kind Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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